We are pleased to announce this very special breeding: Ch Snowlion’s Fyre Devil x Ch Snowlion’s Night Magic WTD. 

Koyuk is a handsome red male out of Uyak Aleut Alex ROM and Snowlion Friendly Fyre WTD WPD (litter sister to our Best in Show male Shasta). Hips DVM rated good, elbows, eyes normal. He has produced beautiful, good-tempered Alaskan Malamute puppies for pets, show, and working here in the U.S. and at Alveig Kennels in Russia. Koyuk is the sire of multiple champions, including “Logan” AM/AU Ch Snowlion Above the Clouds WTD. He was born here in 2000, lived with co-owners in the Bay Area and visited us briefly for show training and conditioning. A very sweet boy. 

Tessa is a striking black & white girl out of our foundation male Zzombe  and Snowlion Betty the Yeti, one of our co-owned team dogs, now retired. She inherited her sire's gentle personality, along with his terrific movement and performance in harness. Tessa finished her AKC championship easily and was trained  to run in lead this winter. Hips rated excellent, eyes/polyneuropathy clear. A superb, attentive dam—we expect wonderful puppies from this breeding. 

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Meet the Grandparents

Uyak Aleut Alex ROM WTD

Snowlion Friendly Fyre WTD WPD 11 pts major

Ch RmalSnowlion Mystik Zzombe  WPD WLD

Snowlion Betty the Yeti WTD

Raising Snowlion Puppies

Snowlion Alaskan Malamutes are raised to be well-bred companions. They are family pets, some of whom also happen to sled, skijor, or compete in AKC shows. Our dogs have good dispositions that reflect many years of careful breeding and selection. A great deal of planning & research precedes each Snowlion breeding in order to produce healthy, long-lived Alaskan Malamutes with good temperaments. Temperament comes first as it is vital to the performance of our sled teams and to the dynamics of our household pack.

Snowlion puppies are born in our home and raised as family dogs indoors where they are handled frequently from birth and socialized with friends and family as well as with our adult females—all of whom love puppies! Prior to leaving at 8 weeks, our puppies are examined by a veterinarian and receive their first vaccinations. New owners receive guidelines for feeding, grooming & training their Malamute pups along with a health record vaccination schedule. We are here to offer advice, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Snowlion Alaskan Malamutes are the product of our unique outdoor lifestyle which embraces all that our mountain surroundings have to offer: sledding, snowshoeing, hiking, skiing—a lifestyle where our dogs are occupy a central part of our lives. We feel our Alaskan Malamute pups are born into the best possible home; they deserve the best as well from their future owners.

Snowlion Puppies—Past Litters

Superb  Quality, Exceptional Beauty

Things to consider before buying an Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan Malamute is a natural breed that evolved in harsh arctic conditions; certain ancestral survival characteristics--strong prey drive, same sex aggression at maturity, an obsession with food (resource guarding)--may emerge in the absence of consistent, firm guidance from owners. These breed instincts must be tempered with ongoing training and socialization to ensure that your Alaskan Malamute develops into a good canine citizen and a pleasant family companion.

We recommend that Malamute puppies attend two courses (6 weekly sesssions each) in a group setting during the first year (beginning at 10-12 weeks), followed by an advanced class (or refresher course) in the following year. Group classes are fun, social occasions for both owners & their dogs and a better option than hiring a private trainer to come to your home. To learn more about canine behavior & training methods, we highly recommend Patricia McConnell’s, “The Other End of the Leash” and any of the books by the Monks of New Skete.

With proper handling and training, the Alaskan Malamute is a remarkable breed—intuitive, smart, and capable of forming deep bonds with humans, but it is very different than a Golden Retriever. Malamutes are smart, stubborn, funny; they can be a little bit wild, with over-the-top energy in their youth. They do best with active, athletic families individuals who can provide daily exercise. The Alaskan Malamute is a magnificent dog, but it is not the right breed for everyone. We encourage prospective owners to contact us with any questions. We realize there is a lot of misinformation on the internet, but we have lived with Malamutes since the late 1970s and are quite happy to discuss the pros & cons of Malamutes versus other breeds. Adding a dog to your household is a big commitment; let us help you find the right one.